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People Like Grapes

The moon wanted to say “hi”. 🌙🌴 #nofilter #florida #moon #sunsets #palmtrees #hellomoon (at Southeastern University)

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. #proverbs31 #vsco #vscocam #selfie

Tennessee, 2010.

Please everyone help me win a scholarship. I want to graduate and become the best teacher I can be so I can impact young kids’ lives worldwide.

Florida, you’re so beautiful 😍❤️🌴☀️ (at Southeastern University)

Last night’s sky was gorgeous! I can’t choose my favorite shot that I got from last night. Beautiful. (at Southeastern University)


When I’m standing between two of my friends talking



burnie + gavin being gavin in the background

I like things that make me smile. Nicholas Sparks books, good movies, SPN, The Office, Rooster Teeth, video games, Friends... So much more.

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